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Julidans is an international festival for contemporary dance. This year, the celebrated festival plans to organise its 30th edition. Julidans presents both the great masters and the enfants terribles of contemporary dance at various locations in Amsterdam.  



For Julidans I'm taking care of: 

_ Communication and PR strategy

_ Execution communication plan 

_ Media relations NL


currently collaborating with


Culture.fashion is an open, value driven network that is moving towards a future proof fashion sector.

Culture.fashion brings different parties and stakeholders together. The aim is to support and inspire a culture of collaboration that spawns new local initiatives. Therefore Culture.fashion will develop tools to highlight the diversity and the potential of the current Dutch fashion landscape. Besides that, we will explore and possibly shape the future of fashion in the Netherlands through various working groups.



I'm part of the Culture.fashion working group "media"

I take care of:

_ Social media strategy

_ Social media content creation


currently teaching at

AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute

I work as a coach for two minors at AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute. 

The first is the honours programme "Fashion and Editorial Branding". In this minor, students explore the world of independent magazines - and create and launch their own version of Garment Magazine.

The second one is iNDiViDUALS, a minor in which students run AMFI's in-house consultancy studio. Each semester a collective of Design, Management & Branding students combine their skills in a reality school program. Together iNDiViDUALS aspires to generate positive change within the fashion industry.